We are excited to work with you on creating the perfect custom printed tee that aligns with your visions and kaupapa (values).
Our range of sustainably and ethically produced custom printed apparel options tread lightly on people and planet.

how it works

We run your fundraiser as a presale over a set amount of time, generally between 1 and 3 weeks. Your product(s) will be listed on our website with a mock-up of your chosen product with the design digitally laid over, and a small piece written by you to explain the kaupapa of your organisation and what the funds raised will help to achieve.

Once the presale period is closed, we produce only what's been ordered. We take care of shipping to individual buyers so there's no admin or stock for you to store or wrangle. We will help advise on an effective RRP which covers the costs of the product and the applied branding, and allows you to raise funds - the final RRP is up to you.

You're not limited to one print, or one colour, or even to screen printing itself either. We also offer embroidery and Supacolour digital transfer printing, which is great for designs with lots of colours or a high degree of complexity.

Once the design is set up, we need roughly 7-10 days to stand a campaign up and get it running. Branding turnaround at the end of the presale period is approx. 3 weeks before we dispatch directly to individual purchasers.

placement print

1. Choose your products

Pick the in-stock products you'd like to brand as part of your campaign by viewing our range at The only limit to the amount of products you can sell is what we have in our warehouse. 

2. Collaborate with us

Get in touch with us to start the campaign process, submit your design and tell us a bit about your organisation and your goal with the campaign. We'll help you to come up with a great RRP which includes a donation portion which will be paid out to you at the end of the campaign.

3. Book your launch date

Book your slot in our Apparel Partnerships calendar - we only need approx 7 days to get a campaign from a dream to a launch! Share your campaign to all of your subscribers so that they can show their support and get involved.

At the end of the campaign, we will pay you out your portion of sales made so you can continue doing the important work that you do.

all-over printing

We work with our manufacturers to create bespoke printed fabric and produce a run of garments or products specifically for you, then ship them here for sale in NZ. This requires a far longer lead time (roughly 6 months with sea shipping and dependent on vessel availability), but it's a great way to make an outstanding splash.

AOP works best when you can commit to the majority of a print run outright, which is approx 100 units using available fabrics or 300 units using a bespoke dyed base fabric. If the design is one we think we can carry as an LYB product (and you're happy for us to do so), we can help by agreeing to sweep up any unsold units at the end of your campaign by claiming the stock. We can also assist with creating the design if you require it.

1. Submit your concept

Submit your print concept to us so that we can work with you on fabric availability, lead times, base fabric colours, MOQs and pricing. In-factory fabrics have an MOQ of approx 100 units, custom dyed base fabrics 300 MOQ.

2. We handle production

We'll arrange production for you including samples of your bespoke printed product, and arrange all quality control, shipping and importation details

3. Your products go live

LYB lists your product for sale, supported by a short statement from you about your organisation's goals and how the funds raised will help. Share your campaign with your followers so that they can support you.

At the end of the campaign, we will pay you out your portion of sales made so you can continue doing the important work that you do.

Get in touch

We love hearing from anyone interested in our products or curious about how we do business differently. To order or inquire about branded apparel please use this form.