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Looking good and taking care of the planet does not have to be mutually exclusive.

At Little Yellow Bird, we are giving the power back to you. 

The power to make informed choices. 

The power to trace the source of your clothing. 

The power to see the people whose lives you are touching with your purchase.

The power to know the true cost of the products you buy. 

Little Yellow Bird was born out of a desire to trace the origin of the clothes we wear. As we delved deeper, we found the deep-rooted cracks in the industry.

So we developed a new model — we made every aspect of the production from farm to factory entirely traceable. We established transparent supply chains, developed conscious packaging, adopted sustainable shipping methods and created a system to take back not only our own clothes but any clothing made of cotton at the end of its useful life.

Natural 100% Cotton Fibres
Natural 100% Cotton Fibres

We use organic cotton because it's better for the people that grow it and those that wear it.

Sustainable production

Sustainable fibre production

Ethical & Transparent manufacturing
Ethical & Transparent manufacturing

Ethical & transparent manufacturing

Conscious Packaging & Shipping

Conscious Packaging & Shipping

Recyclable & circular fashion

Recycling & Circularity

"Behind Little Yellow Bird is a close-knit community of diverse people, coming from various walks of life. Our business is a successful collaboration of our New Zealand team, our manufacturing partners and our clients. 

As a progressive organisation, we not only want to create a fairer world for the people involved in making our own clothing but within our industry as a whole. The creation of clothing is an art and a science the artisans, textile engineers, pattern makers, fabric cutters, machinists, and quality checkers are the key people who craft our clothing and we are honoured to be able to share their work with our customers.

We are constantly striving to be do better within our industry and challenge the status quo."

Samantha - Founder of Little Yellow Bird