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Circular Cotton

Welcome to Circular Cotton

An industry collective reducing textile waste in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

We know that cotton is a valuable resource so it just doesn't make sense to waste it. That's why we're working with other leading brands to join forces to reduce waste. Together we have diverted more than 8,000kg of textile waste from landfill, and we're just getting started.

Sort and grade

We love cotton. It's the backbone of our business, which is why we want to care for it throughout its entire life cycle. When you return cotton goods to us, they get evaluated for quality in case recycling isn't the best solution. As of December 2021, approximately 95% of what we have received in your Take Back Bags has been sent on for recycling.

Fibre to fibre textile recycling

We use a chemical recycling process for our cotton returns in a fibre-to-fibre recycling method. Old cotton is shredded, turned into a slurry, made into a pulp and then fed back into the textile production chain. This fabric is then used again to make new clothing. 

One in, one out

Occasionally we receive products that still have too much life left in them to recycle. These products are sorted and then exchanged with a local opshop for donated goods that are unable to be sold due to their condition, which are then added to our recycling pile. The saleable item goes on to a new home - a win-win for everyone.


We work with a network of designers and creatives who upcycle textiles within their own projects. We've worked with companies to create undergarments from brand new unused stock, one-off designs and pet toys.

Textile take back bag

If you're an individual who has clothing in their wardrobe that you want to keep out of landfill, we can take it off your hands. We can accept any cotton products from any brand for inclusion in our textile recycling initiative.

What we accept

We accept 100% cotton jeans, sheets, and clothing from any brand in any condition. We also accept any and all socks (regardless of composition).

Please make sure your products are clean. We do not accept any undergarments at this time.

Our partners

The Circular Cotton Collective is a group of businesses that are pooling resources and sharing the costs to aggregate, sort and re-distribute or recycle end-of-life cotton. Founding members include Alsco, Maggie Marilyn, ReCreate Clothing, The Paper Rain Project, Commonsense Organics and Sustainability Trust. The collaborative approach taken by these brands is essential, especially as the minimum threshold to access the technology would be unreachable for most.