Fashion Revolution

Fashion Revolution is a not-for-profit global movement, campaigning for a clean, safe, fair, transparent and accountable fashion industry.

Labour Behind the Label

Labour Behind the Label campaigns for garment workers’ rights worldwide. They support garment workers’ efforts to improve their working conditions and change the fashion industry for the better. They raise awareness, provide information and promote international solidarity between workers and consumers.

Clean Clothes Campaign

The Clean Clothes Campaign is the garment industry's largest alliance of labour unions and non-governmental organizations. The civil society campaign focuses on the improvement of working conditions in the garment and sportswear industries.


Cotton: A Case Study in Misinformation

A report on building critical data consumption in fashion.

From the Transformers Foundation, this report debunks the most common myths about the cotton industry, showing how to vet claims and data and confront misinformation whenever you encounter it.

Synthetics Anonymous: Fashion brands’ addiction to fossil fuels

This report investigates the behaviour of some of the biggest fashion brands and retailers regarding their use of
synthetic fibres and transparency about doing so.