Bacon Brothers wear Little Yellow Bird shirts

The only thing better than supplying uniforms to great businesses is when these companies care just as much as we do about where their products come from.
Bacon Brothers,now a destination location for Saturday market goers offers more than just a sandwich. With traceability from plate to farm, owner Troy knows where all of his major ingredients come from.

The iconic Bacon Brothers BLAT sandwich 


Using only free-range bacon and eggs was essential for Bacon Brothers, who claim that their sandwiches are “the happiest in the world.” Bacon Brothers has gone one step further building lasting relationships and friendships with all of their suppliers including the bakery where their bread is made and even knowing which farm their vegetables for their sandwiches are grown.

Troy visiting the farm where the Bacon Brothers Mesculin Lettuce is grown

Bacon Brothers knows where and how their ingredients are made so knowing the same thing about their uniforms was a logical decision. “Wearing uniforms that are supplied by a company that shares our values and commitment to traceability is really important to us,” says Troy.

Some of the Bacon Brothers team in their Little Yellow Bird Uniforms

Bacon Brothers are a favourite at the Riccarton Bush Farmers market on Saturday mornings and are now available all week at Black & White Coffee Cartel. ​​